Welcome to Vicki Hadfield’s Home Base :)

Fitness For Females’ originator Vicki Hadfield understands that
women often have limited time for exercising
and preparing healthy, appetising meals
to help them reach their health, fitness and body-image goals.

In today’s culture of the “SuperWoman” who does it all &
often puts everyone else first,
true & automatic happiness is all too rare.

Let’s change it up.   Let’s Make Happy Your Default Setting.   You deserve it!

Vicki guides and coaches women & couples with
simple sustainable strategies to;
– Eat Lighter (nutrition)
– Feel Tighter (exercise)
– Make Happy Their Default Setting
(mindset, mood-moulding, minute management & motivation)
in relationships and in life.
– Quit Smoking Program beginning with an eBook;
I Broke The Chain – How I Quit Smoking
written for the Healthy Life Habit by an ex-smoker.
Broke The Chain crop
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